SNOW WAR: Juno’s Messing with Facebook & Instagram

January 27th, 2015

Soo naturally, I’m still up like many of you are. And I keep trying to refresh my Facebook tab and reach an error. What gives?

Facebook and Instagram are temporarily down, and the Internet is freaking out! Every one is tweeting about it. Facebook has released a statement that they are aware of the problem and are “…working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.” (via Tweet by @ABC)

No more scrolling through Kim Kardashian‘s Balmain BTS pictures with her babe, Kanye West. Or fangirling over @amrezy’s gorgeous Instagram pictures!

I’m soo glad I went to Target and stocked up before the weather got bad. I’ve got wine, snacks and now Twitter and SnapChat to keep my company through #JUNO2015.

Twitter seems to be the only social network still functioning. I actually love when this happens because that’s when Twitter is actually interesting. Every one is either drinking, bored, tweeting funny memes, or watching TV. Either way, it makes for good Twitter.

SnapChat also seems to be working for most people! I mean, it is on my iPhone 6.

I wonder if the storm will actually be as bad as they say it will, but I hope everyone is home, safe & warm!

What are you doing still up? How are you guys passing the time during the storm? #whatchristinesaid #JUNO2015
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