Wait, WHAT?! Scandal Season 4 Premiere Left Me Speechless! [WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILERS!]

January 29, 2015

Okay, wait a second… I’m still trying to catch my breath. WHAT.THE.HUCK just happened?!

The Scandal season 4 premiere delivered exactly what I was hoping for. And a whole lot of stuff I was not expecting!
Suspense, mystery, action, and a partial answer to the question we’ve all been asking: Where is Olivia?

I say partial because we still have no clue. The kidnappers staged an elaborate fake prison to keep Olivia and her “prison mate” captive. The Islamic call to prayer can be heard faintly in the background of each scene. The blinding bright sun kept out by boarded up doors & windows leads us and Olivia to believe that she’s in a Middle Eastern prison cell.

But Shonda Rhimes wouldn’t make it that easy for us. After Olivia’s escape from her cell, she takes down two guards & fumbles desperately with the keys that she believes will open the big red door to her freedom. Instead, she’s greeted by a projector showing a fake street on a screen.

Her prison mate is actually one of the kidnappers. He enters the room and reminds her that there is in fact no way out.

At this point I was like, NOOOOOOOOOO!! And just about everyone on Twitter felt the same.

scandal tweets crazy

I felt like I was watching a completely different show. Olivia Pope is the center of Scandal. We saw her,  a little bit of Fitz, Jake and Abby, but this did NOT feel like your typical Thursday night episode of Scandal. I felt like I was watching a Quentin Tarrentino movie or something.

I think aside from all the shocking moments, twists and turns, and Kerry Washington‘s performance tonight, we need to acknowledge Shonda Rhimes‘ killer writing skills. She has this ability to connect with her audience & give them exactly what they want!

And how about those dream scenes?! God Bless your soul Shonda, you finally let us see what ‘Vermont’ could look like for Fitz and Olivia. It was so perfect! But it got me thinking, is this the only way Olivia and Fitz will get their happy ending? in a dream? Does that mean the show can’t ever end that way?

We still don’t know who the kidnappers are. Does Andrew Nichols have to do with all of this? Is Hollis Doyle possibly a part of it all? Can’t forget about him.

I need answers, Shonda!

Scandal is going in a completely new direction, and I honestly like it. It seems like our beloved characters will face their toughest battles yet this season. The trailer for next week’s episode features Olivia in terrorist-like video listing demands from her captors in exchange for her freedom. I’m getting 24 vibes. Imagine if Jack Bauer popped up out of nowhere and saved her?! Hey, a girl can dream…

Anyway, I want to know, what did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Tell me!

Tweet me @christineeebean with your thoughts using the hashtag #TGITScandal and #whatchristinesaid !

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